In order to make a purchase, you will need to do the following:

  1. Select Album/Gallery and navigate clicking the photo that you need until you reach a page like this. (Keep in mind that the displayed prices to do not include VAT).
  2. Carefully read the details in the table bellow the photo, for the license that you need. Make sure you consult the License Agreement before buying
  3. Make sure you check the number of licenses, which is usually 1, and click Add to Cart.
  4. From this point you can continue with selecting new photos or check out.
  5. To check out, click on the Shopping Cart link and open the shopping cart page
  6. Before proceeding to Checkout, make sure you check that all purchases are correct, that you have selected the desired payment method and also make sure you are familiar with the  License Agreement
  7. Currently you can select two methods of payment (credit card solution not available yet):
    1. Paypal Checkout – my preferred method which also provides instant access to photos
    2. Manual Checkout – this means that you can pay later using Bank Transfer or Swish. You will get the payment instructions once you conclude the payment, both on web and email. Please be aware that the photos will be delivered only after I get a payment confirmation of some sort.
  8. Once payment is concluded and confirmed, you will receive on web and/or email links to download the photos. Please be aware that the links will expire in 24 hours.

In case something goes wrong or you need additional help, make sure you contact me through support, using either the email/form provided on the Contact page, either on the Facebook page.